What are our prices?

Adult Lessons ages 18+: $80 per hour in two hour increments. 

New Drivers ages under 18: $330 for 3 lessons and 1st Geer Driving School Certification.

New Drivers under age of 18: We will cover everything you need to know for your drivers test, and equip you with all of the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain your drivers liscense.


What is covered during lessons?

Beginner Skills:

Driving on the correct side of the road 

•Being observant at intersections and crosswalks

•Driving in a straight line and hugging the center line

•Knowing what to do when at uncontrolled intersections

•Making correct right and left turns.

Advanced Skills: 

•Lane changes

•Driving on 1- way streets

•Driving in round-a-bouts

•Turning left at unprotected lights

•Interstate and gravel road driving 


•Angle parking

•Parallel parking

•Hill Parking

These are just a few of the basic skills we cover. Many more practical day-to-day driving skills, as well as knowledge and awareness of precautions to take behind the wheel will be acquired through driving lessons. 

Creating a community of safer drivers starts with you!